Introduction to our blog page

Hi everyone, this is a blog page for business men and women. This blog page is all about what local business in Plymouth need to get their businesses going and what the most important things to do are. My blog page is called ‘Letter of York’ because I am originally from York and moved to Plymouth over 4 years ago.

I decided to set up this blog as i have my own local business within Plymouth and my website struggled to get onto the first page for about a year! My friend owns a tree surgeon company in Plymouth and he gave me some tips on how I could get my website ranking. I wanted to share them with anyone else that was struggling to get their website’s ranking.


I know more than most people, how distressing it can be to set up your own business. With today’s technology, more and more people are turning to their computers, tablets and mobile phones to look for the services that they require, so without an online presence, your business will never take off and hit it’s full potential.


With marketing, you can really get your business far but without a website for people to take a look at, they will more than likely look you up, not find your website and then turn to the top business on Google.


For most internet users, Google is the GodFather. People rely on the information provided by Google. Being on the top of the results of Google in the searches related to your field is very important to make your business succeed.


So having a presence is crucial. I hope you get value from my blogs and i hope i can get you there quicker than i got myself.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

Businesses often come to a point where their premises is no longer suitable for them. Often, this is because their business is taking a turn for the better meaning more stock and resulting in more space being needed in order for the business to run smoothly. Lack of space means that your business cannot grow to its full potential and can often stunt the growth of it.

Carrying out daily tasks and providing your clients with the services or products they need can come to a holt if you don’t have the right space to cater for it all. Having little space can result in your business becoming disorganised and can also cause health and safety precautions for your staff as limited space could mean they struggle to work properly.

The outcome

Usually, the two scenarios to fix this problem would be to either relocate to a bigger premises or looking further into having a mezzanine floor built. Most businesses are unsure of mezzanine floors and don’t fully understand the benefits of having it done, so the more likely choice would be for them to move locations.

Spending money

The reason people set up businesses is so they can make money, no company has ever said they do business to lose money. Every single business out there have a mission and that mission is to make as much profit as they can and lose as little money as possible.

Moving to a bigger premises

If you decide you need more space and you think the best option is to move to a bigger premises, there is a risk of spending more money than is needed. When you move to a bigger property, there will always big a bigger price involved.

Your rent for the property will always be higher to the smaller property you once owned and the costs of everything involved will become more expensive, this is normal. It is the same with buying a house. If you own a small house and you decide to move to a much bigger one, you will always find you will pay a lot more for the bigger home.

Having mezzanine flooring fitted

Mezzanine flooring is the easiest option for you to choose, especially if your aim is to keep costs low. With mezzanine floors, you pay for the unit, however many steps you require, you pay for the manufacturing of the mezzanine floor and then you pay for the mezzanine floor to be installed. That is it, and at the end of it all, you get to stay in your premises and have all the space you required.

Getting Noticed Online


I was recently asked to do some internet market research for a tree surgeon company in Portsmouth. Because of my online knowledge and marketing experience I was able to help this company and advise on the best way forward for their online marketing strategy.

Obviously the goal of all marketing whether it is online or offline is to increase the exposure of your business and generate more inquiries from people searching for your services. In this business the tree surgeon was a professional arborist and they offered all kinds of tree care services like tree pruning, tree removal, tree felling, tree stump removal, crown reduction, hedge trimming and they also had a side line business of selling wood logs for the domestic wood burner market.

Keyword Analysis

So the first thing to do when approaching an online strategy is to carefully examine the “keywords” or search phrases that people are typing in to find these services. So the list of services above gave me a starting point and the first thing to check is volume, secondly I then had a look at the competitors in the market to see what keywords generated them the most traffic.

The keywords I recommended to go after were: –

Tree surgeons Portsmouth

Portsmouth tree surgeons

Tree surgery Portsmouth

Portsmouth tree surgery

Content of Web pages

When you have a list of 3 or 4 highly targeted, high volume search phrases then the content can be built. This is all the text that will appear on the website pages, giving information to the potential buyer, but more importantly its giving information to the search engines and indirectly telling them what you want to be found for. The other thing that needs to be considered are the images that appear on a site. I like to see bright glossy pictures that represent the work of the business.

All too often I see poorly taken photos in poor light conditions on local business websites. Yes it is good to use actual pictures of your work, but unless they are professionally taken the quality will represent poor quality work. For the tree surgeons they did not have too many great pictures of themselves so I help them buy some stock photos to give that professional looking edge.

Website Creation

The Tree Surgeon was adamant that he was going to build the website himself, so I recommended to use the Weebly platform as this is a simple drag and drop format that beginners can pick up quite quickly. I helped with a logo/header image and gave him some tips on the general layout, making sure the phone number was well displayed and a contact form present on all pages.

If you have a look at the finished site I think you will agree between us we did a fairly good job.

The layout is clean, its design represents the industry and has a point of contact everywhere you look. Turing the reader into a phone call or an email lead is the end goal remember

Video marketing… Do you do it?

Video marketing is becoming more popular in 2016 due to its ability to educate its audience and get them more engaged.

If your business isn’t currently video marketing there is no doubt about it that you are leaving money on the table. Here is a YouTube video that a local roofing company in Plymouth has had made (click here to watch video).

You can see that the video is under 90 seconds long which is perfect, in this short period they are able to provide potential customers and clients with a great deal of information due to the fact of it being a video. It’s simple and effective and it works wonders.

Please give this strategy a spin and start implementing it into your businesses right away, you will amazed at the results.

Why is it important to have a Google Business listing?

When you have your own business, the most important part about it is, getting people to look at your products or services. If you are looking to become a big business by selling products, it is crucial that you have an online presence in today’s day and age.

I worked with a company a few months back and they were having very little sales each month, they sell electric fireplaces in the UK click here to shop). When i expressed my thoughts to them, they began to understand that they were never going to get anywhere unless everybody knew about them

What stops most people is their money situation. Most companies are put off by advertising because they think it will cost them too much to do it and they may not even get any sales at the end of it. But, with social media and other types of online marketing, it is different.


You can market your business at low costs


Putting your listing on Google Places can be a very affordable type of online marketing strategy, similar to that in various social media channels. This is due to the fact that this is a free method. The method can be particularly useful if you are a small local business owner and do not have a big advertising budget to spend on print ads, radio adverts, TV campaigns, billboards etc.


You can boost your business visibility


When you submit your business listing to Google’s My Business, your business can get a boost and become more visible online. With your own business page and listing, you can give a signal to Google that your business is a legitimate one. This can help increase the awareness for your page in the listings displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs).


I hope you found value in this blog post. Look out for my other blogs on how important a google business listing is.

The importance of having Social Media for your Business

When you have your own business, it is important to get it out there and noticed by the public. Local people around you will then start to remember your name and will then begin to use you when they need your type of service.


For example, our local taxi company in Plymouth have a great social media base. Whenever you are scrolling through a social platform, like facebook, they always seem to appear at some point. By them doing this, whenever i need a taxi in Plymouth, their name always pops into my mind because I have seen it so much.


What makes it important?


Around a decade back, when social media websites were few in number, they were a novelty. Today, these are quite the run of the mill for many. However, even today, you can find these websites being used for personal as well as for promotional purposes. In a recent study, about 86% of marketers confirmed that these sites are essential for their business.


It comes for free


Perhaps the best reason social media sites are widely used is that they come for free! You can open up a business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and various other social sites and promote your products and services at no cost. If you have an online business and wish to popularise it, using social media sites is indispensable.




There are many things that your business will benefit from when you have a social media presence. Please keep an eye out for my future blogs as I will be going even more into depth with this subject. Hope this blog has helped you!

What are the other reasons why you must have a business listing?

You need a lot of courage and have to invest enough effort into making your online business successful. In order to grow your business on the web, you have to act with diligence at each step. With a Google business listing, you can do something important from the SEO viewpoint in order to put your business listing out in the open and make it public. Read and know about the key reasons for the importance of a Google business listing.


You can enjoy integration with Google Maps


Google Places can get easily integrated with Google Maps, thus providing your business listing with greater amount of exposure. Potential customers can view your phone number and business address, and also find your exact location on Google Maps. It is particularly useful for those who search for information while on the go.


They often look for specific keywords over Google Maps. When properly optimised, your business is extremely likely to show up in search results. As Google Maps can be downloaded into almost any smartphone, you can enjoy a wider online reach with your business as far as local searches are concerned.


You can reduce the number of competitors


Google business listing in Google Places is meant for individuals who look for local businesses, or enterprises in their area. This means you can significantly reduce your competition and enjoy high rankings in Google Search. As you will only be facing off with similar types of businesses placed near to your geographic area, this can be made possible. If you put in a complete and detailed listing, you can enjoy high rankings.


I hope you found value in my blog post! Thank you for reading.

Getting a Social Media presence

When setting up a business, you must always start building your online presence too. With major businesses, such as, building contractors, independant financial advisors and a wealth management business in Plymouth, they all need to be trusted. When someone is paying a lot of money for a service, they want to know that the business they’re using is legit and safe to use, that’s where social media can help.


You can get people talking about it


With social media websites, you can immediately turn your small Plymouth business into a brand. These sites come with all the essential features to let you showcase images, videos and other multimedia content related to your business, and generate a positive impression about your enterprise. Some studies have revealed that customers in specific segments like to deal with businesses having a dedicated fan page on Facebook than one without.


You can get in touch with the community


Irrespective of the type of business you have, it is important to strike a relationship with your customers. With social media sites, you can socialise with the community and develop a warm relationship with each and every member out there and turn them into potential customers. The strength of community matters a lot when you are trying to establish a veritable brand. Regular postings about your business offerings can engage members and get them interested in your brand.


You can generate leads for free


Posting regular information on these sites can help you to convey essential business information to new as well as existing consumers for your business. With more likes and shares of your business page, you can generate more number of leads. The social media marketing platform is very useful in lead generation, and a major benefit is the fact that you can expect to get customers for a lifetime.


You can quickly expand your customer base


With social media, you can actively indulge in conversations and direct interactions with new and existing customers. This is much better than cold sales calls, and gives you the ability to expand your consumer base much faster.

How to Top Google Results

I recently helped a local kitchen showrooms company in my local area in Plymouth. They wanted to rank at the top of the google results for ‘kitchen showrooms in Plymouth’ but, they couldn’t seem to do it. I thought I would write a blog for you telling you what I told them.


How to Top Google Results

Google presents the search results in the form of a list and no one bothers going to the last of the list. The link on the top of the list or the most in the first three is selected by the user more than 80% of the time. Making your way to this place is of utmost importance to make the website useful. This can be done by understanding the way Google works.

Google works based on the keywords in a text, such as, kitchens, kitchen showrooms, new kitchens etc. Your site must contain the keywords related to your business so that it is correctly classified by Google. There are a number of other factors which affect your ranking with Google. These are:


  • Client Feedback
    The view your past clients have about you has a great effect on your reputation with Google. The more satisfied they are, the more Google regards you.
  • Relevance With the keywords
    The content is not only the Keywords. Google is equipped with Artificial Intelligence to judge that how much relevant are you writing. So try to write about your business and nothing else on your site.
  • User Friendly Website
    Try to make the website easy to use for the visitors.


Getting on the top of the results of Google for your local business in Plymouth is not an easy task. It requires expertise. You want to hire a proper team to do that. You can find local businesses in Plymouth that can help you with all of the above. I hope you found value in this blog post and I hope it helps you to get to where you want to be.