Why is it important to have a Google Business listing?

When you have your own business, the most important part about it is, getting people to look at your products or services. If you are looking to become a big business by selling products, it is crucial that you have an online presence in today’s day and age.

I worked with a company a few months back and they were having very little sales each month, they sell electric fireplaces in the UK click here to shop). When i expressed my thoughts to them, they began to understand that they were never going to get anywhere unless everybody knew about them

What stops most people is their money situation. Most companies are put off by advertising because they think it will cost them too much to do it and they may not even get any sales at the end of it. But, with social media and other types of online marketing, it is different.


You can market your business at low costs


Putting your listing on Google Places can be a very affordable type of online marketing strategy, similar to that in various social media channels. This is due to the fact that this is a free method. The method can be particularly useful if you are a small local business owner and do not have a big advertising budget to spend on print ads, radio adverts, TV campaigns, billboards etc.


You can boost your business visibility


When you submit your business listing to Google’s My Business, your business can get a boost and become more visible online. With your own business page and listing, you can give a signal to Google that your business is a legitimate one. This can help increase the awareness for your page in the listings displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs).


I hope you found value in this blog post. Look out for my other blogs on how important a google business listing is.

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