Introduction to our blog page

Hi everyone, this is a blog page for business men and women. This blog page is all about what local business in Plymouth need to get their businesses going and what the most important things to do are. My blog page is called ‘Letter of York’ because I am originally from York and moved to Plymouth over 4 years ago.

I decided to set up this blog as i have my own local business within Plymouth and my website struggled to get onto the first page for about a year! My friend owns a tree surgeon company in Plymouth and he gave me some tips on how I could get my website ranking. I wanted to share them with anyone else that was struggling to get their website’s ranking.


I know more than most people, how distressing it can be to set up your own business. With today’s technology, more and more people are turning to their computers, tablets and mobile phones to look for the services that they require, so without an online presence, your business will never take off and hit it’s full potential.


With marketing, you can really get your business far but without a website for people to take a look at, they will more than likely look you up, not find your website and then turn to the top business on Google.


For most internet users, Google is the GodFather. People rely on the information provided by Google. Being on the top of the results of Google in the searches related to your field is very important to make your business succeed.


So having a presence is crucial. I hope you get value from my blogs and i hope i can get you there quicker than i got myself.

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