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I was recently asked to do some internet market research for a tree surgeon company in Portsmouth. Because of my online knowledge and marketing experience I was able to help this company and advise on the best way forward for their online marketing strategy.

Obviously the goal of all marketing whether it is online or offline is to increase the exposure of your business and generate more inquiries from people searching for your services. In this business the tree surgeon was a professional arborist and they offered all kinds of tree care services like tree pruning, tree removal, tree felling, tree stump removal, crown reduction, hedge trimming and they also had a side line business of selling wood logs for the domestic wood burner market.

Keyword Analysis

So the first thing to do when approaching an online strategy is to carefully examine the “keywords” or search phrases that people are typing in to find these services. So the list of services above gave me a starting point and the first thing to check is volume, secondly I then had a look at the competitors in the market to see what keywords generated them the most traffic.

The keywords I recommended to go after were: –

Tree surgeons Portsmouth

Portsmouth tree surgeons

Tree surgery Portsmouth

Portsmouth tree surgery

Content of Web pages

When you have a list of 3 or 4 highly targeted, high volume search phrases then the content can be built. This is all the text that will appear on the website pages, giving information to the potential buyer, but more importantly its giving information to the search engines and indirectly telling them what you want to be found for. The other thing that needs to be considered are the images that appear on a site. I like to see bright glossy pictures that represent the work of the business.

All too often I see poorly taken photos in poor light conditions on local business websites. Yes it is good to use actual pictures of your work, but unless they are professionally taken the quality will represent poor quality work. For the tree surgeons they did not have too many great pictures of themselves so I help them buy some stock photos to give that professional looking edge.

Website Creation

The Tree Surgeon was adamant that he was going to build the website himself, so I recommended to use the Weebly platform as this is a simple drag and drop format that beginners can pick up quite quickly. I helped with a logo/header image and gave him some tips on the general layout, making sure the phone number was well displayed and a contact form present on all pages.

If you have a look at the finished site I think you will agree between us we did a fairly good job.

The layout is clean, its design represents the industry and has a point of contact everywhere you look. Turing the reader into a phone call or an email lead is the end goal remember

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