How to Top Google Results

I recently helped a local kitchen showrooms company in my local area in Plymouth. They wanted to rank at the top of the google results for ‘kitchen showrooms in Plymouth’ but, they couldn’t seem to do it. I thought I would write a blog for you telling you what I told them.


How to Top Google Results

Google presents the search results in the form of a list and no one bothers going to the last of the list. The link on the top of the list or the most in the first three is selected by the user more than 80% of the time. Making your way to this place is of utmost importance to make the website useful. This can be done by understanding the way Google works.

Google works based on the keywords in a text, such as, kitchens, kitchen showrooms, new kitchens etc. Your site must contain the keywords related to your business so that it is correctly classified by Google. There are a number of other factors which affect your ranking with Google. These are:


  • Client Feedback
    The view your past clients have about you has a great effect on your reputation with Google. The more satisfied they are, the more Google regards you.
  • Relevance With the keywords
    The content is not only the Keywords. Google is equipped with Artificial Intelligence to judge that how much relevant are you writing. So try to write about your business and nothing else on your site.
  • User Friendly Website
    Try to make the website easy to use for the visitors.


Getting on the top of the results of Google for your local business in Plymouth is not an easy task. It requires expertise. You want to hire a proper team to do that. You can find local businesses in Plymouth that can help you with all of the above. I hope you found value in this blog post and I hope it helps you to get to where you want to be.

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